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Dimont Impianti | About us

Dimont Impianti is an engineering company, certified to ISO 9001:2015, operating in the chemical, petrochemical, energy and renewable power, and food industries for the design and construction of “turnkey” plants.

About the company

Plant design

Dimont Impianti has the expertise to design the plant alone, or the entire factory, including utilities, raw materials and finished product storage, packaging departments and offices. This is why it is able to pool know-how in the field of chemical, mechanical and architectural engineering.

The characteristics of the design process

Dimont Impianti follows the customer in all the phases of product development, from the entrepreneurial idea to marketing, with the support of targeted pilot plants and technological tests.

The perfect solution for your needs

Our staff is at your complete disposal for all your requests, even the most complex ones, providing assistance for the design of any kind of plant.